A Visit to Fallbrook / by Austin Steele

May 28, 2016  ::  Hightailed it up the 15 after an early wedding in San Diego to catch the last couple of hours of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club's annual classic car show at the Pala Mesa Resort. I hadn't been to this particular event before and wanted to check out the vendor situation for possibly setting up a booth and selling prints there next year. A good variety of cars was in attendance, from vintage 30's resto-mods, unique slammed-together rat rods and pristine 50's Cadillacs to badd-ass Cobras, plenty of Mopar muscle and even a pair of retro-futuristic Bricklins. The golf course setting is beautiful, with plenty of easy in-and-out spectator parking. Highly recommended if you're in the L.A., OC or San Diego area, it's just a short spin out the 76 to where it meets the 15.

Some pics from the show: